Monday, 20 April 2009

Busiest day yet

went to the orphanage
essentially it's babysitting disabled children

i was with the like 3 year olds in the morning
then at lunch time 3 people came from downstairss... ONE AMERICAN - lyla.. ONE AUSSIE - tracey.. and a canadian/chinese - gigi.
gigi was not much older than me but lyla and tracey were. they were all really nice though.

anyway. made them take me downstairs with them to the babies. it's supposed to be mainly cleft babies but there are also some with heart conditions (because of the one child policy it is often the case that disabled babies get abandonned so they couple can try for a 'perfect child'.. also if a woman is widowed she often gives up her child as her chances of remarrying are higher because she can still provide the new man with a child)

the cleft babies are quite shocking to see at first. but they were all such happy children. tehre is a chicken pox epidemic... bad times.

i have uploaded some pictures on my facebook of two of the girls. they're not that exciting though because bberry camera is made of arse.


after much complaining to the english office about how shit my situation is AKA no buddies and the woman who was supposed to help me at the orphanage decided not to bother.... i have convinced them to let me do other stuff.

a guy who will be working for my company i-to-i from july said he would take me to his university's 3 day sports events starting wednesday.. will be nice to be outside for a change.. although no sunbathing as it is very much frowned upon.
and then my co-ordinator says i can assist the english lessons at the university next week. to meet more people. granted they will all be chinese. but i don't care!

tonight i went to the big wild goose pagoda. was amazing. still look like an utter idiot taking pictures etc alone but i don't care. went westerner hunting again. found : one couple with white hair.

no use.

i will go to the 'defu lane' bar strip some time this week. but i think it will still be mainly chinese folk in cheesy bars that look like someones living room but oh well.

need to sort out a stay in the youth hostel to stalk foreigners.. and i want to go up to the panda conservation place for a day too. maybe next week.

i have decided to make a t-shirt for everyday... as in my most hilarious spot will be 'top of today'

top of today ------- " you are where i left you still KcJ"
what a cracker!

General other observtions include LOADS of outdoor dancing and tai chi (yes it happens)
annnd.. perhaps the lowlight of today was changing a babies diorreah nappy.. chinese baby green poop.
i nearly threw up. i had to walk away...


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