Tuesday, 28 April 2009


forgot to do top of the morning

so yesterday i saw 2 bus banners that tickled me more
you NEVER see english on signs in xi'an... so when you do it's like a visual treat - you are the king of reading town and your subjects are giving you a show
unfortunately there is a reason why they do not write much english on bus advertisements
apparently it is bad

'mothers 3rd birthday'
if your mother is three... you have a problem

'ok mans banner'
a banner strictly for men? or a banner designed by men? if it's the later - you are incorrect. this banner is not 'ok' -- it is very poor

at the university i saw a really fat girl (not very common at all in china) wearing a sesame street t-shirt that said "big bird"
seriously laughed aloud and had to turn it into a cough. if i had been more discreet about it i would have asked for a photo - but i think she thought i was shocked at her size
she was indeed a big bird - the person who bought her that has an EXCELLENT sense of humour. i would like t o meet them


  1. Anna,

    You have just run up £300 of data calls in 6 days in China. Thought you might like to know. That's 1500 x 20p meals. It's up to you how you set your priorities. Orange are taking the money from your account.