Sunday, 19 April 2009


Just a few fashion tips if you're feeling like looking authentic chinese

either black and straight with a wonky fringe (tres cool) or a ridiculous colour like off orange
no mascara at all or eyeliner. i saw one boy in eyeliner - but i think he was just a bit cookoo.. NO MASCARA AT ALL
erm i saw advert for 'maybellene STAY WHITE UV FOUNDATION' -> aka... the oposite to every girl in bucks. very essential that you stay white as this means you are higher 'caste' (perhaps not the right word at all) in order for marriage
mini heels... the kind english people never wear 'kitten heels' i think is their official term
lower half
tights to make your legs look pale are often appropriate or those catching on to the western trend are going for brown ones!! scandallloso
top half
wear a t-shirt that says something ridiculous in english but that you probably don't understand
real life examples include

"i want love hnd peace" - a nice spelling mistake slashed across your chest
"memory flask" - the less sense they make the better
"i am in my prime" - best worn on the very young teenage girl i saw today... peados paradise

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